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- Panos Manousopolous of Romvos

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6 points to consider before choosing an ultrasonic tank

When a customer expresses interest in an ultrasonic tank we have several things to consider before making a selection. Our aim is to make sure every customer has the right tank for the job to make their lives easier so we need to know things like…

• The type of contamination to be removed. There’s a big difference between removing
lubricating oil from machined parts, carbon deposits from a carburettor, ink from
printing rolls, blood and tissue residues from surgical instruments, and scale from a
heat exchanger. This will mainly affect the choice of cleaning solution but can also
impact on tank design with features such as ultrasonics strength, filtration, agitation

• The composition of products being cleaned. Different parameters apply to cleaning
aircraft engine components and glass capillaries. You’ll need compatible cleaning
solutions and ultrasonic cleaning frequency.

• How will the parts be used after cleaning? If parts need to be completely dry for the
next process then ultrasonic cleaning will need to incorporate a drying cycle.

• How do you define ‘clean’? Whilst ultrasonics will clean to the highest specification in
accordance with ISO cleanliness codes, cleaning solution filtration/replacement, final
rinsing, drying and packing will vary dependent upon the precise cleanliness level
required for the process in question.

• Will you be cleaning batches or individual parts? To determine size, power, and the
overall process you will need to determine whether you are cleaning individually or in

• Component size and weight. Combined with volumes of items to be cleaned this will
determine the overall size and construction of your ultrasonic tank.

Once we have this information we can guide the customer towards the right cleaning solution for them. Whether it’s one of our standard tanks or a bespoke machine just for you, we can guarantee the best possible tank for your needs.

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