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"We found Sonic Solutions on the internet, but they quickly inspired complete confidence with their experienced, professional and friendly approach."
- Panos Manousopolous of Romvos

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- Russell Cavens of Visican

Circuit Board Cleaning

A Cleaning Service For Circuit Boards

Circuit boards cleaned by our ultrasonic cleaning service

A circuit board after being ultrasonically cleaned.

Circuits boards can become very dirty over time, especially ones used in dirty environments such as engineering workshops. This dirt can cause components to fail resulting in short circuits or even cause it to fail completely, our circuit board cleaning service can help stop that.

Why Choose Ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic cleaning is tough enough to remove all contamination but gentle enough to not damage your circuit boards. We take the utmost care with the cleaning and handling of customers items to ensure our ultrasonic cleaning service provides the best possible service and experience.

For a no obligation quote, free test clean, or for any other information Call us on 01924 495 975 or email and find out how ultrasonics can work for you

A before and after photo of a circuit board cleaned by us.

A circuit board cleaned by our ultrasonic cleaning service.


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