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"We found Sonic Solutions on the internet, but they quickly inspired complete confidence with their experienced, professional and friendly approach."
- Panos Manousopolous of Romvos

"I don’t have to worry about my print quality because of dirty aniloxes and any cleaning queries I have they’re on the end of a phone. I have recommended them to other printers."
- Russell Cavens of Visican

How Much Money Can We Save You?


Every business gets things dirty but there are only 2 reasons for cleaning anything:

  1. It doesn’t work if it’s dirty
  2. It doesn’t sell for as much if it’s dirty

Everything we help clean falls into one of these categories but whether we clean it for you or provide the equipment and solutions for you to clean it yourselves, it all goes to improve your bottom line by making it last longer, work better or sell for more. In the past few months we have saved money for our customers by:

  • De-rusted auto parts for 20% of replacement cost
  • Removed glass particles from CNC extraction bellows at 5% of replacement cost
  • Removed adhesive coating from SS filters at 10% of replacement cost
  • Inks removed from print rollers to enhance quality and prices by up to 20%
  • Removed swarf and oils from precision engineered PCB base plates then packed individually to add value to customer
  • Carbonised oils removed from auto parts and heat exchangers at less than 20% replacement cost
  • Environmental – Another cost that is increasingly important is the environmental and health and safety costs of cleaning or disposing of dirty material. Traditional disposal of dirty waste product or solvent based cleaning solutions is now either costly or illegal. All our cleaning uses water based products that are bio-degradable and safe to commit to foul water drains after a simple neutralisation. Costs of fines or specialist disposal can run into thousands of pounds.

So whether you want us to clean something for you or set yourselves up to clean it yourselves LET US MAKE MONEY FOR YOU !


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