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"We found Sonic Solutions on the internet, but they quickly inspired complete confidence with their experienced, professional and friendly approach."
- Panos Manousopolous of Romvos

"I don’t have to worry about my print quality because of dirty aniloxes and any cleaning queries I have they’re on the end of a phone. I have recommended them to other printers."
- Russell Cavens of Visican

Introducing the iCleaner

Introducing our new hybrid ultrasonic cleaning system for anilox rollers and sleeves, the iCleaner. The system is able to wash, rinse, and dry rollers automatically without further action from the operator. This  is a load and leave system that performs each function consecutively without needing to be prompted, saving workers from having to monitor the process.

This type of system is great for busy printers who want to reduce cleaning times and save their skilled workers from wasting their time cleaning. Let the machine handle the cleaning of your rollers whilst you handle running your business.

a large ultrasonic tanks featuring water and air nozzles for rinsing and drying rollers.

Our hybrid ultrasonic anilox cleaner. Featuring touch screen controls and automated water and air system.


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