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Welcome to the Sonic Solutions Knowledge Center. This is the Go-To resource for Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning and is updated regularly.  If we haven’t already written about a particular aspect of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning that you’re interested in, then please submit your enquiry here and one of our Ultrasonic Cleaning Experts will take a look.

How to Remove Grease from Metals

One of the most common applications of ultrasonics is to remove high levels of grease on machine parts during production or manufacturing Cleaning grease without the aid of ultrasonics usually requires high levels of labour, strong chemicals and likely large amounts...

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How to Clean a Circuit Board (PCBs)

Dust and dirt can seriously affect the performance of a circuit board, which are found in a multitude of different devices and machines, such as industrial machines, computers and mobile phones. Being such a delicate part you cannot hope to clean it manually but using...

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How to Clean Heat Exchangers

The difficulties of cleaning a fouled heat exchanger present a significant challenge to the maintenance and operation of chemical, petroleum and food processes. With internal contamination heat exchangers cannot usually be cleaned using normal methods (blasting,...

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How to Remove Cutting Oil and Swarf from Machined Parts

Most machined parts are left with oil and swarf residue after manufacture. This residue usually needs removing since subsequent  coatings, assembly or use requires the absence of dirts and oils. Ultrasonics with its ability to clean recesses, threads and apertures is...

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How to Clean Industrial Filters

Filters are usually fine mesh which is exceptionally hard to clean manually. Here again the very nature of the small size of cavitation bubbles and the implosion sucking dirt off rather than blasting media on, makes the cleaning more precise and safer for the removal...

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How to Clean Anilox Rollers

When it comes to anilox rollers ultrasonic cleaning is almost universally recognised as the best process out there. The very nature of the small size of cavitation bubbles and the implosion sucking dirt off rather than blasting media on, makes the cleaning more...

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How to Specify the Level of Cleanliness Required ?

A lot of people ask the question “How clean can the process get these parts ?) However the appropriate question is “How clean do your parts need to be ?”. This is ALWAYS determined by the next process or use of the parts concerned. If a part is being...

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How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves in a liquid to facilitate or enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from surfaces submerged in an ultrasonically activated tank. Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology unique in its ability to...

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