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Welcome to the Sonic Solutions Knowledge Center. This is the Go-To resource for Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning and is updated regularly.  If we haven’t already written about a particular aspect of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning that you’re interested in, then please submit your enquiry here and one of our Ultrasonic Cleaning Experts will take a look.

What are the Key Factors in Successful Ultrasonic Cleaning

What are the Key Factors in Successful Ultrasonic Cleaning

Time – varies depending upon quantity & type of contamination. Temperature – most chemistry works best at higher temperature but ultrasonic cavitation reduces above70 C. Chemistry – alkalinity/acidity, surfactants, wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers,...

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How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves in a liquid to facilitate or enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from surfaces submerged in an ultrasonically activated tank. Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology unique in its ability to...

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