Ultrasonic Cleaning for Rust removal, Ink removal, Scale removal,
Grease Removal, General Dirt, Food Removal.

With our large range of ultrasonic cleaning chemicals we can confidently predict that we have the right solution for you. One that removes contamination without damaging your items. We use all our own chemicals for our cleaning service so have hands-on experience with what works and what doesn’t so we can advise on the best product for your intended purpose. We can also advise you on handling and disposal so that you can meet health, safety, and environmental rules.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is simply sound waves being transmitted from a tank, through a cleaning solution and onto your items creating a precess known as cavitation. This is where micron sized bubbles create a suction jet against your item which lifts the contaminants off the item being cleaned. Due to the small size of these jets and the relatively large energy, ultrasonic cleaning has the ability to reach into small crevices and remove entrapped contamination very effectively. The process is tough enough for carburettors but gentle enough for electronics and surgical instruments.

What We Clean?

Over the years we have cleaned a wide variety of items for our customers. Whether your in the print industry and require your anilox rollers cleaning, or you’re undertaking a classic car restoration and need your cylinder heads cleaned, we can help. Ultrasonic cleaning is an powerful method of cleaning most materials and contaminants and can provide a cost effective solution to your dirt problem. Below are some examples of cleaning work we have carried out for customers.


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