How to Remove Grease from Metals

One of the most common applications of ultrasonics is to remove high levels of grease on machine parts during production or manufacturing Cleaning grease without the aid of ultrasonics usually requires high levels of labour, strong chemicals and likely large amounts of water. Such parts are also very hard to handle whilst ultrasonic cleaning allows a more hands off approach. Heavy build ups of the grease contaminant can also hide other issues within the industrial parts so having them cleaned is also vital for quality control. We have worked on every type and thickness of grease from industries such as auto, food, gas & oil, and pharmaceutical. Processes vary from simple 1 tank baths to multiple cleaning baths with pre washes and demineralised water rinses. As described above the level of cleanliness required by the NEXT process defines the cleaning method employed. Whenever we get a new enquiry we construct a method statement based upon a trial clean.