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What we need from you to give you an ultrasonic cleaning quote

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What we need from you to give you an ultrasonic cleaning quote

For us to give you the most accurate quote possible for our ultrasonic cleaning service, we need as much information about your items as you can give. This checklist will help you put together all the necessary information that we would need which allows us to provide you with the most accurate quote possible.

What is it / What is its use?

Knowing what the item is and what it is used for is a great place to start. We may not know exactly what it is, but allowing us to build a picture in our mind of what it goes through helps us to know what we are dealing with.

What is the contaminant?

What you are looking to remove is one of the most important things we need to know. This dictates what ultrasonic cleaning chemicals we use and helps us to work out how long an item will take. Removing thick scale buildup from pipework takes a lot longer to remove than a thin layer of cutting oils from freshly manufactured parts. These two examples also require vastly different chemistry which would affect the price.

How big is the item(s)?

Letting us know the dimensions of your item is essential. We have large ultrasonic baths that can handle most items that our customers send. But every now and then we get an enquiry for an item too large for us to handle. Knowing the size also gives us a rough idea of how long an item will take which will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote.

How heavy?

Additionally to size, we need to know roughly how much your item weighs. It makes the job longer if we are having to use our crane or forklift to get your items into our tanks so knowing if your item is liftable will help us with your quote.

What is it made from?

What your item is composed of effects what solution we can use. Light metals such as aluminium react with our caustic based chemicals so we would need to use an aluminium safe product. Knowing the makeup of your item will allow us to build a picture of what the job will involve.

How fragile is your item(s)?

Although we take the utmost care with all our customers’ items, it is good to know how fragile the item is. It takes longer for us to clean thin, highly polished aluminium parts that we have to individually handle as to not scratch or bend compared to a lump of iron that could take the force of a car hitting it.

What quantities are we dealing with?

We charge a setup fee per tank to cover our setup costs and book the machine and staff. This remains the same whether you send ten parts or a thousand. Letting us know the quantities allows us to know which tank we would need and what setup cost to charge.

Is the work a one off or ongoing?

For ongoing contracts we can be more flexible with our price so it is helpful for us to know if the job will be a one off or part of an ongoing requirement.


A picture paints a thousand words. However good you are at describing something, there is always a chance of something being miscommunicated. Detailed photographs are immensely helpful in letting us know what we are dealing with.

All these small details go a long way for us to be able to provide you with an accurate quote. Being as thorough as possible with your details can save a lot of back and forth and allow us to gain a complete picture of your requirements.

You can submit any images through our online quote form

Trial Clean

Even with all of this information, it is still impossible in some situations to know how much work is going to be involved in a clean. This is why we offer a trial clean where we will clean a small sample batch of your items free of charge*. This allows us to lock down our process and decide what chemistry and methodology we would use. It also gives us a chance to prove our service to you so you know the end results before committing to any capital expenditure. * Terms & Conditions Apply.

To book a Free Trial Clean or to discuss your ultrasonic cleaning requirements with one of our expert staff. Call us today on 01924 495 975 or email hello@sonicsolutionsltd.com


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We approached Sonic Solutions after our parts manufacturers let us down and wasted precious time by supplying oily parts. Not only were they friendly, helpful and happy to rush our parts through - the quality was unbelievable! They arrived back at our factory just in time to not hold up production and we couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Martin Frings


Our company AssetCool found the entire team at Sonic Solutions to be responsive and incredibly supportive of a new project. Their technical knowledge is superb, and they delivered exactly what they promised. We're very happy to recommend them to anyone with ultrasonic cleaning needs, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Tonia Parris


I reached out with a problem to various companies prior to talking with Sonic Solutions, most were unhelpful. These guys insisted on the first trial being for free! The job was excellent and the turn around time very impressive. We are now setting up a monthly cleaning regime with them. A joy to deal with.

Andy Sim


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