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5 Things you should ask before buying an Ultrasonic Cleaning tank

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5 Things you should ask before buying an Ultrasonic Cleaning tank

Is ultrasonic cleaning right for the job? This is the first thing to consider when looking into getting your own ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Here at Sonic Solutions, we champion ultrasonic cleaning as one of the best deep cleans available. This, however, does not mean that ultrasonics is right for every job. For example, some large batch cleaning where the user is looking to degrease hundreds of metal parts per day would be better suited to jetwashing. Another example would be for cleaning the internals of a machine. It would be impossible to clean ultrasonically without having a tank the size of a lorry to immerse the entire machine. For this application, dry ice blasting would be the way to go.

For more information on other cleaning methods, check out our other blog post on alternative cleaning methods.

How big will my tank need to be?

The most commonly asked question when buying an ultrasonic cleaning tank is how big should it be?

The size of the tank has a serious impact on the price so we wouldn’t recommend getting a larger tank than you need. You also have to factor in running costs. The larger the tank, the more cleaning solution is needed to fill it and the more power is needed to heat it.

When deciding on the size of your tank, you should ask yourself;

  1. What size is the biggest item I am looking to clean?
  2. How many items are you looking to clean per cycle?
  3. How much space do you have at your site?

All these will influence what we would recommend for you when buying an ultrasonic cleaning machine so getting this information is a good place to start when considering any cleaning machine.

Do I require any extras?

When buying an ultrasonic tank, most companies give the choice of optional extras. A lot of customers are happy with a standard tank without all the bells and whistles, but when the tank is being used heavily, customers may want some additional extras.

The main addition that is recommended to customers is a basket. When using an ultrasonic tank it is a good idea to keep your item off the base of the tank to allow the ultrasonic waves to pass through the solution to create the cleaning action. Placing heavy items on the base can lead to damaged transducers which can be costly to repair. A basket also makes for easier loading and unloading which can be advantageous for batch cleaning.

Another thing to consider is whether you require filtration on your ultrasonic cleaning tank. Filtration allows you to keep your cleaning solution cleaner for longer. This means you can make your solution last longer so can save you money in the long term. Keeping your solution cleaner also helps the end result of the clean by having less contaminant suspended in the solution meaning there is less contaminant to be rinsed off at the end. Filtration units are however quite expensive. For a top of the range model, you could be looking at thousands of pounds and for a small benchtop unit that may only cost you £3000, it is quite an investment. If you are looking at a filtration unit we recommend weighing up the pros against the cost and see if it makes sense. Our friendly staff are always on hand to give you guidance with this.

Is the cleaning solution safe?

This question relies on what you are cleaning. Some contaminants require a hazardous chemical to remove whereas some may only require a mild detergent. No matter what solution you are using, it is always best practice to wear full PPE gear to avoid any accidents.

You also have to consider how the material you are cleaning will react with the solution. For example, light metals such as aluminium react heavily with caustic base products so you should always consult your supplier or chemist risking your items.

What do I do with the waste solution?

Proper disposal of chemicals should always be considered before purchasing a tank. All the solutions we supply are biodegradable so as long as they are neutralised properly, they can be put to foul water. This is not the case with some other chemical manufacturers so it is always best to ask when purchasing.

Another main consideration to take into account when disposing of waste solution is the actual contaminant you are removing. Certain contaminants such as inks can be toxic and therefore should not be put into foul water drains. For these situations, it is always best to have them disposed of correctly by a licensed waste disposal company.

To book a Free Trial Clean or for any questions you may have about buying a tank or the disposal of waste, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff who can advise you on the best practice. Call us on 01924 495975 or email Sales@sonicsolutionsltd.com

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