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While ultrasonics are a very powerful method of cleaning, there are still some contaminants that that we cannot remove. For these we have an alternate process known as Pyrolysis. This process involves placing the item in an oven and heating it in the absence of oxygen. Instead of burning, this decomposes the organic material into carbon dioxide and char which leaves the item clean. This process can be used on heavy and large metal parts.

The process heats the item to around 310 – 540°C to burn off the contaminant. This is safe to use on metals which have a melting point of 900°C+ such as steel and iron.

Pyrolysis is a great cleaning process for thick paint build up and other organic materials such as wood.

photo of a filter clogged with wood chippings and after it has been cleaned.

A filter that had been clogged by wood chippings before and after pyrolysis.

If you have a cleaning problem that you don’t think ultrasonics will be able to handle, give us a call on 01924 495976 or email and we can discuss whether pyrolysis can provide a solution.

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